is it a place?

    Destination Central Oregon was originally founded by locals to support groups as they visited the area. DCO did this by providing access and assistance with all the best local outdoor, lodging, decor, recreating and dining vendors. Companies such as this in the Meetings and Events industry are called Destination Management Companies, or shortened to DMCs.


    As the area has changed over the past several years, we have seen a need to change and evolve as well. This change of mindset has come partly because of overcrowded trails, segways zooming down sidewalks, strange vehicles slowly moving down streets, helicopters buzzing trails and motor coaches navigating roundabouts. Most Central Oregon towns were not designed to support large numbers of tourists. Don't even think about asking a brewery to set aside a private room for your group's tasting event. They didn't build private rooms.


    Central Oregon is a DESTINATION, but groups may be best suited to stay on their resort properties - which is probably ok with the locals to be honest. Destination Central Oregon is about nature - peace - quiet - enjoyment of the natural space - the DESTINATION you really want to find here is a state of mind, not a place.


    Respect for our natural environment is very important to DCO like all Oregonians. We always put sustainability and respect for the environment first and are always looking for ways to educate new residents on how we do this.


    As we evolve as a company, we encourage input from any of you that have landed on our page in deciding what Destination Central Oregon should be ....

    as a company and a Destination.


    We invite you to CONTACT US by email to start a dialogue now.

  • I'm a visitor ....

    CONTACT US via email if you are visiting and we can talk about ways to help you navigate your visit with ease. If you a meeting planner with a group visiting the area, your convention services manager at your resort should be your point of contact for anything offsite - they are your best resource for moving your group around effectively. If they cannot help you, please feel free to reach out and we will connect you with people that can.



    Rafting, fly fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, golfing, tennis, swimming, stand up paddle boarding, tubing the river, chasing waterfalls or just hanging out at the lake - are just a few ideas.



    Winter .... skiing, snowboarding, tubing, dog sleds, snowshoeing and snowmobiles as options - all from one group base. There is ice skating in town and on certain days you can even golf and ski on the same day.



    Pub Crawl, Brewery Tour, Fine Dining or Dive Bar - all can be equally rewarding in terms of the dining options in Central Oregon.

    Central Oregon is home to more than enough top rated golf courses.

    Preferred Properties

    Whether you need a comfy place to sleep or a full service resort with meeting space, DCO can help you decide which property is right for your group. We can connect you with full service resorts, limited service properties or a cluster of vacation rentals. Contact us via email to book your stay.

  • I'm a Local ...

    that's ok we're here for you too!

    Restaurants, Tour Operators, Guides, Rental Companies, Venues ....


    Contact us today to find out about sponsoring content on our sites. Options are preferred listings on our above categories and featured articles on our soon to be released BLOG that will feature 'day in the life' ideas for visitors to the area and locals that want to check out new things.

    Want to share your special skill and make money?


    We are always looking for DCO Ambassadors to help show our guests around. If you have a special interest/skill in rock climbing, hiking snowshoeing, skiing, etc etc etc ..... contact us to find out how to be a paid Ambassador for DCO!

    I'm on a staycation .....


    We all get busy and could use a little help with new ideas. If you want to step out of your comfort zone and try something new ..... contact us and we will hook you up with a DCO to show you around.

    For the Dogs of Central Oregon ....


    Check back here for reviews of all the best dog friendly paces around Central Oregon reported by our Destination Expert ... Stella the golden retriever.

  • Connect With DCO

    DCO is on social media! Link to us and #destinationcentraloregon when you are doing something cool!